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Certain services can be offered remotely. We understand that there may be instances when our patients cannot come in to our office for an appointment. Those who cannot make it to the office may benefit from an online consultation. During an online consultation, you will have a one-on-one video conference call with the doctor to discuss any health concerns you might have. Phone consultations are available for follow up visits if preferred.

During your appointment, the doctor will discuss your health history and current concerns with you. He will also review any relevant lab results you have, such as blood work or imaging and discuss the results, as well as answer questions and create a treatment plan appropriate for your condition. Lifestyle, dietary, and nutritional advice may be provided in addition to vitamin and supplement recommendations.

Sometimes additional lab work may be necessary, in which case the doctor will explain his recommendations for testing and provide you with different options based on your preferences, health goals, insurance and/or budget. If you currently have health insurance that is accepted by a specific lab, the doctor will do his best to order the majority of the tests through them whenever possible. However, sometimes specialized testing may be required to deliver the highest quality care available.

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