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Nutrition plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being. At Paladin Chiropractic in Winter Park, Florida, Brandon Orsino, DC, Michael Rodriguez, DC, and their health care team provide a multifaceted approach to nutrition that helps determine what is missing from your diet and what can be removed to ensure you’re as healthy as possible. In addition, the Paladin Chiropractic team offers Nutrition Response Testing® and muscle testing to determine and improve specific challenges to the body with supplements and lifestyle changes. To learn more, call the office to speak with a team member or schedule an appointment online.

Nutrition Q & A

How does nutrition affect my health?

Nutrition is an important component of your chiropractic health, especially if you suffer from a chronic illness. It affects your body in three main ways:

Nervous system health

If you aren’t giving your body the nutrients it needs to function properly, it can disrupt your nervous system. Since your nervous system works with your musculoskeletal system to heal injuries and other pain-related conditions, any disruptions may impact your body’s ability to heal.


Inflammation can cause pain and fatigue while limiting your range of motion and mobility. While many people experience inflammation after an accident or injury, it can also be a symptom of a chronic condition, such as fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, or arthritis.

Paladin Chiropractic can design a dietary plan for you that focuses on foods that reduce inflammation while avoiding foods that can intensify your uncomfortable symptoms.

Musculoskeletal system health

When your body processes foods, it disperses the proper nutrients throughout your body. If you’re lacking vital nutrients, like calcium, vitamin D, and protein, your bone and muscle health may suffer.

What is Nutrition Response Testing®?

Nutrition Response Testing is a noninvasive test based on Applied Kinesiology and Context Reflex Analysis. It uses neurological reflex points located throughout your body to test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, problems in your immune system, and food intolerances that may be negatively impacting your health

Dr. Orsino, DC, is highly trained in Nutrition Response Testing. The information he gathers during this comprehensive test is used to help design an individualized nutrition plan that suits your unique needs and targets deficiencies in your body.

What is muscle testing?

Muscle testing, also known as Applied Kinesiology (AK), identifies and diagnoses underlying medical conditions through muscle reactions. This diagnostic test is based on Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion that there’s an equal or opposite reaction to every action. 

When used in practice, your chiropractor checks for muscle weakness that can be connected to certain conditions. Your Paladin Chiropractic chiropractor uses muscle testing to connect your weak muscle movements to underlying conditions, such as Guillain-Barré syndrome or Graves’ disease.

Paladin Chiropractic utilizes a multifaceted approach to the diagnosis and treatment of nutritional deficiencies. Not only do they provide muscle testing and Nutrition Response Testing, they also analyze your medical history to recommend lab testing, as needed.

The office is stocked with several whole food supplements from Standard Process®, NutriWest®, Biotics®, Pure Encapsulations®, and Anabolic Labs.

To learn more about how proper nutrition can improve your health, call Paladin Chiropractic or schedule an appointment online.